Meet Me In The Woods

6:12 of bluesy bliss? Creepy? Romantic?
Yes. Yes. Yes.

Was It Just The Wine

This song was originally conceived as a duet. Our friend @leeannimaldonovan brought a smoking performance to the demo but ultimately we decided to put this out solo for our first album. The demo is on my personal playlist and I'm still hoping we can revisit this as a duet with Leeanne one day. - J.H.

Fallin' For Me

Bathe me in your spirit, baptize me in your wonder...
I think my admiration for John Fogerty comes through in this one. My favourite part of playing this one live is the outro. I close my eyes and soak up George and Peter's dueling guitar / bass. So good.  - J.H.

Perfect For Me

Well, it's lucky for me you like the losing kind
Cause losing sure comes naturally
You're way too good for him
But You're Perfect For Me...

Daddy's Eyes

Okay, this is definitely the creepiest image on any of the Skyline Motel vintage postcards but don't hold that against the song.  Daddy's Eyes is a song about identity and carrying the burden of previous generations. 

Time For Movin' On Again

This one sounds different from most of the other songs on the record. We recorded it at our friend's studio - The Ranch - the inspiration for the band's name. 

Summer Breeze

"Damn, I love how you spit like a woman, and cuss like a girl..."
Ah, Summer Breeze. We love playing this song live. It can take on a slinky JJ Cale groove, or get amped-up to a full on stomp.

I'm Your Man

Step into the fire, outta the pan...

With Chris Isaak-y guitar and menacing vocals, I'm Your Man is THE feel-good grab-and-run heist song of the summer.  

Taking You To My Bed

This is a song about not fitting in and first times. The style is a nod to our love for '80s strummy singer-songwriters: Springsteen, John Cougar, and closer to home - Barney Bentall. 

Here In My Heart

Redlight Ranch wears its influences on its sleeve. Here In My Heart shows our love and respect for fellow Canadian, Bryan Adams. Song after song Adams has created more memorable hooks than anyone we can think of.

Teach Me How To Dance

We're not a country band but we were inspired to write this song after seeing Brett Kissel at the Kee to Bala a few years back. Incredible show and gosh the place smelled good that night!